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We talk a lot about diversity, and how important it is for companies. In addition to mirroring their customer base, companies want to make sure they have diversity of thought at the leadership level. Companies like Uber (and indirectly perhaps the entire car-share industry) have suffered because they were trapped in a singular “bro leadership” mindset that led to some disastrous results. If everyone thinks the same way and no one pushes back, the CEO echo chamber becomes a very dangerous place. There was a study published in the Harvard Business Review that examined the performance of companies...

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Why Corporate Values Matter

Compassion. Dignity. Respect. Those are the three words that have been going through my mind since I witnessed a beautiful exchange at Trader Joe’s. The man in front of me in line was alone, in a wheelchair, clearly down on his luck, unkempt, and seemingly fragile. The checker, German, greeted this man cheerfully and respectfully. “Hello Mr. X, may I get your groceries for you today?” German knew his customer. The man beamed, and said that would be nice. I didn’t quite understand what was happening until German took his wallet out of his pocket and extracted a $20 bill,...

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