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Why Does The Federal Trade Commission Care About Marketing? | Fuller Tech Law

Why Does The Federal Trade Commission Care About Marketing?

People talk about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a lot, but what does the FTC really do? Well, I’m glad you asked!  The FTC’s main job is to protect consumers — if you buy stuff, that’s you! The FTC protects consumers by doing three main things:  1.     making rules, 2.     investigating suspected rule violations, and 3.     bringing lawsuits against people who break the rules. When it comes to consumers and marketing or advertising, the FTC makes clear that “[u]nder the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be...

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How Privacy Laws Shape COVID-19 Reopening Plans | Fuller Tech Law

How Privacy Laws Shape COVID-19 Reopening Plans

Two weeks ago you were furloughed from your job in San Francisco. You’re still on the company’s health care plan—but are struggling to pay rent, and are worried that these health benefits will vanish if your employer goes out of business. During a Zoom call with your friend in Milan, she tells you that the Italian government may issue “Immunity Certificates” that would allow people who have recovered from COVID-19 (and are probably immune from further infection) to return to work. You respond that the US reopening plans, under current CDC guidance and California’s Roadmap, require employers...

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Fuller Tech Law - Please, Please, Please Read Your NDA. And Consider Not Signing It.

Please, Please, Please Read Your NDA. And Consider Not Signing It.

NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) have become as common in Silicon Valley as Patagonia vests. You just can’t get into a meeting without one. Should you sign what’s presented to you to be polite and get the pitch or interview you covet? Not necessarily. Read the agreement and feel free to push back, even if it means rescheduling. Too many companies are offering wildly broad NDAs with serious implications that may deceptively disadvantage the recipient. I just taught a Contracts section in the Entrepreneur’s Clinic at Santa Clara University School of Law, where I had the opportunity to...

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How Far Does Duty to a Client Go?

One of my startup clients called me the other day. It was the CEO. He got right to the point. “I’ve got a problem,” he said. “I owe you money, and we’ve run into some real financial problems. Here’s what we are doing to overcome it, and you are high on my list to be paid. If you want to stop working with us, I understand.” Working with startups is an art. You need to know how to triage issues and control legal spend. Most importantly, you need to align your goals for them as a legal adviser with their goals for the company, and understand how to do so in an environment where resources...

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